3 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a New Rewards Credit Card

Alex Cohen Alex Cohen  | 

Choosing a new rewards credit card is a confusing process. There are hundreds available and the credit card issuers are constantly flooding your mailboxes, on and offline, with new offers and enticing sign on bonuses. My actual offers from just the past month! With all the craziness, I've narrowed down the 3 things you must consider before clicking that "apply"... Read more

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Should College Students Have Credit Cards?

Grace Hinrichs Grace Hinrichs  | 

Starting college can be extremely hectic. You have to worry about getting the right professors, the cost of textbooks, and even whether or not you will like your roommates! So why would you ever want to add worrying about credit cards to that list? The unfortunate reality is that many students graduate with loads of student debt, so adding on... Read more

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