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3 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a New Rewards Credit Card

Alex Cohen Alex Cohen  | 

Choosing a new rewards credit card is a confusing process. There are hundreds available and the credit card issuers are constantly flooding your mailboxes, on and offline, with new offers and enticing sign on bonuses. My actual offers from just the past month! With all the craziness, I've narrowed down the 3 things you must consider before clicking that "apply"... Read more

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How Birch calculates reward values

Alex Cohen Alex Cohen  | 

Credit card rewards are tricky. Apart from the face earning value of cards, like 2x points on groceries or 3x points on gas, there's an entirely different side of rewards that gets easily overlooked - the value those points or miles are worth when you go to redeem them. The only time these rewards are straightforward (usually) is when you're... Read more

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