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We write a lot about Jetblue’s credit cards and the best way to take advantage of all that their cards have to offer. But for those who still want to earn rewards without a credit card by enrolling in the Trueblue program, we’ve broken down everything you need to know:

How to Enroll

Enrolling in the Jetblue Trueblue program is easy and free. Head to and click the “Join Now” button. You’ll be prompted to enter in some personal information and set preferences. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Earning Trueblue Points

As a Jetblue loyalty member, you earn Trueblue points when you make purchases through Jetblue. These can range from flights to vacations to partner brands (we discuss below). We’ve crunched the numbers on thousands of Jetblue searches to determine that Jetblue points are worth 1.6 cents each when you redeem for flights.

Note: For every 12,500 Trueblue points you accrue, you’ll earn around $200 in flights

How to Earn

Jetblue’s program is exciting because there are a lot of different ways to earn Jetblue points. We discuss 9 ways to earn Jetblue points in more detail here.  Here are the main ways:

  • Flying Jetblue
  • Purchasing upgrades
  • Buying points
  • Transferring points from another program
  • Using the dining or shopping portals
  • Making a purchase with a partner

Trueblue Classes

Jetblue has 4 different seat classes; Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Flex, and Mint. All fares include a carry on and personal item, most legroom in coach, free snacks and drinks, free in-flight internet, DirecTV and Sirius XM and free movies. Here are the big key differences:



Blue Plus

Blue Flex


Base Trueblue Points





Bonus Points





Checked Bags





Cancellation Fees





Expedited Security





Same Day Changes





Lie flat seat





For us at Birch, the most important part of this chart are the bonus points earned. All classes will earn 3x the points for every $1 spent on Jetblue, but depending on the class you book, you can earn additional 3-5.

Tip: Many Jetblue flights can cost as low as $150. That means you’d only have to spend $1,500 on Jetblue purchases to get a free $150 flight.

Vacations, Hotels, and Car Rentals


Jetblue uniquely offers vacation packages through their site - allowing you to book more than just a flight and make that next trip even more seamless. In addition, Jetblue has partnered with Expedia to allow you to search for hotels and has car rental partners if you need to rent a car.

With the vacations, your flight + hotel are completely covered, making it easy to plan that trip and also earn Trueblue points. Because Jetblue has bundled flights and hotels into a package, the savings gets passed off to you and that trip becomes less stressful.

When you book a vacation through Jetblue you earn 6 points for every dollar or 9.6% back in the form of rewards. That’s a big bonus and depending on the amount you’re spending on your vacation could earn you hundreds of dollars.


Although you can book hotels through Jetblue, you won’t earn Jetblue points. We advise heading to your favorite discount hotel aggregator to search for hotels.

We reached out to Jetblue on Twitter to confirm that you earn no points on hotels. 

Car Rentals

When you book car rentals through Jetblue you can earn up to 35% off + points for bookings. It varies based on the promotion and currently is up to 1,500 Trueblue points ($24) for bookings over 3 days. A sample search for 4 nights in San Jose turned out to be $44/day, inclusive of taxes and fees. The 1,500 point bonus turned out to be around 15% back in rewards.

Note: Using other discount codes could be cheaper and we recommend searching all your favorite discount car rental sites.


You can also book cruises through Jetblue’s portal and up until 12/31/2017 you’ll earn 2 Jetblue points for each dollar you spend on your cruise. The main benefits of doing so are:

  • Jetblue will match 100% of the price difference if you find a cheaper option for the same booking
  • Potentially cheaper cruise rates

Earning with Partners

What we also love about Jetblue is the ability to earn at partner merchants. Jetblue has over 40 partners where you earn bonus Trueblue points at, many of which are just not exclusive to travel. One our favorites is earning 30 Trueblue points every time you take a Lyft to and from the airport. Other popular partners include:

  • Amazon
  • WeWork
  • Hilton
  • Avis


Trueblue is also a program that really offers some fun and gamification component. Similar to what you would think of when you play a video game, you unlock badges for completing certain tasks. Examples include flying a destination such as Alaska or flying to Alaska 10x - which would earn you 1000 points. There are 500 badges to unlock!

How to Redeem

Unless you’re traveling to the US or Caribbean, your options are limited. Jetblue doesn’t do a ton of international travel, which is good because it keeps the costs low in the US but also not great because it limits the places you can travel using rewards.

Where Jetblue Flies

Jetblue travels to most major cities in the US. Their hubs include:

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • New York City - JFK
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • Orlando
  • San Juan, PR

They fly nonstop to cities outside of their hubs, but if you take a look at the above map you can see the cities they do support. There isn’t much if you’re traveling within the Midwest and for those cities, you’re better off looking into Southwest AIrlines or American Airlines.


How much are Trueblue Points worth?

When we calculate point and miles values, we take hundreds of thousands of flights and figure out the price in dollars and points or miles. WIth our most recent Jetblue analysis, we value Jetblue Trueblue points at:

1.6 Cents

This is definitely one of the higher reward values and nets a great return given how generous Jetblue is with earning rewards.

Ease of Redeeming

It’s actually very easy to redeem Jetblue points. There are no blackout dates or hidden fees. Per what’s required by law, you’ll pay $5.60 for fees and taxes on top of the rewards you redeem, but nothing more (unless, of course, you don’t have enough points to cover the trip).

I ran a flight from SFO -> PBI in the middle of December to see what availability was (2 months out) and how much it would be in both points and dollars.

Paying with dollars, this flight would cost me $425.

Paying with points would cost me 28,200

$425/28,200 = 1.5 cents each, just under the value we mentioned above. What we’ve noticed is that the value drops a tiny bit as you go up in fare class. Blue Plus and Blue Flex are around 1.4-1.5 cents.

Redeeming is super easy. You search for flights the same way that you normally do but just select “Trueblue Points” as the search option.

Family Pooling

Family pooling allows you to combine the points with your family members. It’s another perk that makes it easy to plan family travel since you don’t have to worry about transferring points or not having enough in a certain account. My partner and I have found it extremely easy to earn points separately and then redeem the accrued points together when we plan our vacations.


Every good reward program has tiers that you can earn up to. Jetblue is no different. The Trueblue program offers one tier, called Mosaic, that requires either:

  • Flying 30 segments + earning 12,000 base points
  • Earning 15,000 base points

The base points are the points we mentioned earlier in the how to earn section. With the standard fare class, you earn 3x the points per dollar spent. That means that you would need to spend $4,000 in a single year and take 30 segments, averaging $133 per flight. Or you would need to spend $5,000, even if you don’t fly 30 times.

As a Mosaic member, you get some neat benefits including:

  • Waived cancellation and change fees
  • 2 checked bags free
  • 15,000 bonus points upon qualifying ($240 value!)
  • Expedited security (though let’s face it, if you’re flying this much you should have TSA Pre-Check)
  • Early boarding
  • An additional 3 points per dollar spent on Jetblue, which is 9 points per dollar minimum!
  • 24/7 Support
  • Complimentary alcohol on board (our favorite)

It pays to be loyal!

Wrapping Up

All told, we really like Jetblue and the Trueblue program. If you fly Jetblue at all it makes sense to enroll and if you stay loyal it’s easy to get rewarded. Additionally, Jetblue is typically cheaper for their hub airports, so if you don’t near live a hub you may not see as many flight options compared to a large airline or those flights may be more expensive. In that case, take a look at a different airline that better services where you live.

With so many ways to earn, a high reward value and a ton of flexibility when it comes to redeeming, Jetblue’s Trueblue is a great loyalty program.

About the Author

Alex Cohen

Alex is the founder of Birch and lives in San Francisco with his two dogs, Duncan and Miller, and his fiance, Sarah. Follow him on Twitter @anothercohen