Barclay Arrival® Premier - The Newest Barclay Travel Card

Sam Deblasis

Sorry, this card is no longer available. 

About the Author

Sam Deblasis

Sam heads research and data organization at Birch so that you don't have to! He currently lives in San Jose, CA and is far to invested in Capitals Hockey and Gator Football.

Our mission is simple—we want to empower you to make the best credit card decisions. We've spent thousands of hours researching credit cards, reading the terms and conditions and building our app so that everything is 100% personalized for you. We'll never make a recommendation that we don't think would be of value to you.

Some credit card issuers pay us when you apply for a card through Birch, but we're lucky to work with select banks that share our mission—and it's how we're able to keep Birch 100% free. Unlike other credit card websites, we recommend any credit card—even those that we don't get paid for - as long as it means that you have the best resources to make that financial decision.

At the end of the day we want to be your trusted ally in the credit card world. With your support, we get closer to achieving this vision every single day.