T-Mobile’s One+ Plan Now Includes Unlimited Gogo In-Flight Wifi

Alex Cohen

In other posts, we’ve discussed the best ways to score free or discounted in-flight WiFi using credit cards since getting online in the air is expensive. However, there’s now a new and potentially cheaper way to get connected for free while you’re flying: having a T-Mobile wireless plan.

How It Works:

T-Mobile offers two plans, “T-Mobile One” and “T-Mobile One+”. The standard “One” plan starts at $40/line and the “One+” is a slight add-on charge per line. Both plans include unlimited text, calling and 4G LTE, as well as other perks such as international service, paying your Netflix bill and mobile hotspot. But we’re going to focus on our favorite perk – free in-flight WiFi. To learn more about the plans, follow this link.

T-Mobile Pricing

The T-Mobile standard plan only includes 1 free hour of WiFi, while the One+ includes unlimited free WiFi while you fly on airlines that use Gogo as their provider. 

I currently pay an additional $10/month for the One+ plan for mainly the use of this feature. Because I’m in the air at least 1x a month I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars in WiFi charges since I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T just 2 months ago.

I’ve compared the main differences between the two plans below. It’s clear that the main upsell is unlimited Gogo in-flight WiFi.


T-Mobile One

T-Mobile One+

Free Inflight Wifi

1 hour


Hotspot Speeds


4G (up to 10GB)

International Data Speeds



Video Streaming Quality


HD (720p)

Connecting In the Air:

When you connect to Gogo Wifi during your flight you’re given the option to select a plan for that flight. There’s an option for “T-Mobile customers” and the only thing you need is your phone number.

I connected using two different numbers – one on a standard One plan and the other on the One+ plan. When you connect with the One+ plan, you’re given a different message that shows you’re connected for the rest of the flight. It’s seriously that simple.

Potential Cost Savings:

Depending on how often you fly, it’s easy to save hundreds a year. A flight pass with Gogo can cost around $27, so assuming each year you make a roundtrip flight:

  • 1x: $54 savings
  • 2x: $108 savings
  • 3x: $162 savings
  • 4x: $216 savings

For heavier travelers, like myself, who take around 1 flight per month, I have the potential to save $650 a year – which is roughly the cost of a monthly Gogo plan for 12 months.


The service is only OK:

Look, it’s hard to complain about free WiFi and Gogo’s continual slow speeds and spotty network isn’t T-Mobile’s fault. But at the same time, Jetblue’s Fly-Fi is free and offers fantastic speed up to 20mpbs. On my last flight using Gogo’s service, I struggled to get 1mpbs.

It Only Works on Mobile:

Technically, free T-Mobile inflight service only works on mobile devices. If you connect to Gogo on your laptop you won’t see an option to connect with the T-Mobile plan. However, I’ve had success with Safari and responsive design mode – mimicking a mobile safari browser.


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