Jetblue Is Cutting Ties with Some Third Party Travel Sites, Here's What You Need to Know

Alex Cohen

This morning, Jetblue announced that the airline is getting rid of some partnerships with third-party travel booking sites in favor of directly booking through the airline. That means that depending on the third party you use to book discounted travel, you may not see Jetblue show up as an option anymore. 

However, it does seem that some third party sites will still be offering Jetblue flight options - specifically those who redirect you to to complete a purchase. We've reached out to Jetblue to see if they can share any specific sites that they have cut ties with and will update this article when we learn more. 

What this means for you

Most travelers shouldn't notice a difference in their travel planning. Jetblue typically offers the cheapest flights on their website directly and I'd imagine that the most popular sites - Expedia, Skyscanner, Hopper - are going to continue offering Jetblue options. 

This also means that Jetblue can continue to keep their costs low for you. The economics behind airline seats are tricky and margins are thin, so most of Jetblue's flights discounted fares are sold near or at cost, and the airline makes much of their profit margin on checked bags, in-flight purchases, and upgrades.

When they pay third parties to offer big discounts, they're also paying a commission on that flight travel. That makes it hard for the airline to offer discounts through third party vendors. This change should be good for most Jetblue flyers, at it means that your costs are going to continue to stay low for one of the top US airlines. 

Things to Know
  • By booking through directly you earn 3x the Trueblue points
  • Direct booking allows for seat selection and upgrades and easier change requests and cancellations
  • Jetblue will give you $100 airline credit if you find a cheaper price the same day of your booking on another site
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