How to Enroll in a Loyalty Program

Alex Cohen

If you’re new to reward programs, this quick guide will explain how to enroll for one of the programs so you can start getting value for your spending. Although this may sound simple for many of us, reward programs are complex and overwhelming for first timers who aren’t sure what they getting into.

We’re going to use Jetblue Trueblue’s program as an example. With Trueblue, you earn points for every dollar you spend on Jetblue purchases and have the ability to unlock badges, rewards, and upgrades for being a loyal Jetblue flyer.

TIp: Enrolling in most reward programs is free. If you find one that requires your credit card information, it may be a scam.

Step 1: Navigate to the program’s website

With Jetblue, the main page is You’ll find multiple buttons that say “Join Now” and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.


Step 2: Create your login credentials

With most programs, the next step is to create an account. Many have started to use your email as your username, but some require a separate username.

Step 3: Fill in any other fields

Jetblue requires your date of birth, gender, home airport and traveler details. This is so that they can serve you relevant marketing materials in addition to making the checkout process quicker when you’re booking a flight. It’s also required by law.

Jetblue also asks for your home address and contact information.

And then finally, you have to set security questions to protect your account.

That’s it! You’re all signed up. You’ll now start earning rewards on Jetblue purchases or with Jetblue partners.  


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