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PNC offers a reward program exclusively for credit card holders to earn bonus rewards on your everyday purchases.



Earns PNC points
How to Earn

Use a PNC points credit card

Apply for and use the following credit cards to earn PNC points

PNC Points Visa Credit Card

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Capital One Savor

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PNC points Loyalty Tiers

As a customer of PNC you may be eligible to receive bonuses on your rewards based on your accounts and account balances.

PNC Points Customer Bonus 1

25% reward bonus

PNC Points Customer Bonus 2

50% reward bonus

PNC Points Customer Bonus 3

75% reward bonus

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How to Redeem

Cash back sounds straight forward but some programs offer other ways to redeem your cash back rewards. Check the table below for all the ways PNC points gives you to spend the cash back you earn.

Redeem for

The value of PNC points varies depending on how you redeem them. We look at millions of flights, hotels, car rentals and reward portals to calculate what rewards are actually worth on average.

PNC points can also be worth more depending on the card that you own. Select a card below to see exactly how much their PNC points are worth for each redemption option.

Redeem PNC points points on Redemption Value

Additional fees and restrictions may apply when redeeming. Check out the PNC points website for more details.

Transfer Partners

Interested in earning more PNC points points or transferring them to another program? Here are the best transfer partners:

Transfer PNC points points to another partner Base Exchange Rate

PNC points points do not transfer to any other program

Transfer from a partner to PNC points points Base Exchange Rate

No other programs transfer their rewards into PNC points points

Additional fees and restrictions may apply when transferring PNC points points. You may also be eligible for special bonuses if you transfer a certain amount of points.

PNC points program does not have any transfer partners

These details only scrape the surface! Reward programs are highly complex and always changing. We are working hard to include even more information on the PNC points program but for now, you can find the full details through the PNC points website.

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