Earn more rewards on every purchase.

The average shopper misses out on over $200 a year in credit card rewards by using the wrong cards in their wallet.

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Learn how to earn more rewards with the cards you own

Find out where you've missed rewards in the past and always know what card to use before you buy with our real-time recommendation tool.

Get recommendations for new cards that match with your spending habits

We analyze your transactions and recommend 3 cards that will earn the most rewards with the way you spend. Credit card hunting has become a breeze.

See spending trends across your accounts

Powerful filtering, subscription tracking for over 500 services, and insights such as top merchants and category breakdowns make understanding your finances easier than ever.

How it works

Log in with your bank credentials to link your accounts. No card or account numbers required.

Birch creates a secure connection with each bank you link to sync your transactions across all accounts.

Get useful insights into your spending and tips on how to earn more rewards with the cards in your wallet.

We compare your spending to over 100 reward-earning cards

and only recommend the best ones for you

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